Is it the wind? A force field? After this weekend’s game against Florida Atlantic, it seems that splitting the uprights is just about impossible for the Florida Gators.

#1) Using cryptanalysis to crack the Enigma code in World War II







Ah yes, if there’s one thing harder than kicking a 26 yard field goal, it’s deciphering the German military code.

#2) The lunar landing of 1969







Talk about difficulty! Sending a crew 238,000 miles into space is WAY harder than putting the pigskin through the crossbars!

#3) Throwing to a wide open receiver



Kicking a field goal is hard, but completing a pass against a 2-8 football team? Nearly impossible!

#4) Quantum mechanics



This one’s a no-brainer. Field theory? Wave functions? They all seem a lot harder than kicking a ball into a 19-foot-wide field goal post.

#5) Perfecting the art of flying









It takes a lot to get off of the ground, especially if there’s a defender trying to block your football.

#6) Running a marathon







There’s one thing that’s certain: 26 miles is a much larger distance to cover than 26 yards.

#7) Making a field goal in Bobby Dodd Stadium



The only thing harder than making a field goal in the Swamp is making a field goal in Bobby Dodd Stadium.