In a rather shocking development, high school nerd Jake Peters is seen amongst the general populous at the University of Florida as “kinda cool.”

Peters, the former HI-Q team captain and former member of all the nerdiest high school organizations, was shocked when he was made aware of his newfound social standing.

“It’s really quite the game-changer,”

said the computer science major as he unconsciously squared up his shoulders and stood without being hunched over for the first time since he discovered RuneScape in 7th grade.

It’s as if now I’m in college, nobody really cares all that much about high school. Crazy, right?”

Peters exclaimed, happy that his new social designation was a full three rungs further up the social ladder than his previous position.

Peters, the former chess champion of Barksdale County Public Schools, seems to have earned his new reputation by being polite and respectful while sharing just enough of his quirky yet funny and engaging personality to appear genuine to those he met in class and around campus.

Classmate Jessica Crawford, also a first semester engineering student, recalled the first time she met Peters.

“He was super sweet, and very patient when I asked him for help in our Chem 1 lecture. Jake just seemed like a chill guy, someone you wouldn’t imagine was unable to speak around girls just a few short months ago.”

Peters, whose previous exposure to parties was limited to the party chat option on the Xbox 360, appears to have successfully integrated into college life.

People are really impressed now when I tell them I know three different programming languages. Coding is cool now! I always knew it’d catch on.”

While he acknowledges his recent upward mobilization, Peters remains humble by reminding himself that if he were to ever show up at a frat party, he still wouldn’t have a good answer to the question, “Who do you know here?”

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