With the end of the semester approaching, many UF students look for a way to end their busy weeks with a lively social event where they can unwind and make new friends.

Instead, GatorNights is crafting a welcoming experience for all students ages 3 and up.

The weekly program was created to give students an opportunity for safe, clean fun. Events in the past have included activities such as screenings of hit Disney animated films, bouncy houses, and balloon animal stations. A curated experience that is the combined effort of an entire planning committee. 

“We strive for our target atmosphere to be somewhere in between expensive eight-year-old’s birthday party and budget bar mitzvah,”

said Grace Offerman, lead activities coordinator here at UF.

This Friday’s main event will be in Rietz, room 2302. The room will have multiple tables supplied with canvas paper and washable paint. In addition to painting, those attending will enjoy a non-stop viewing of Cocomelon’s hit episodes projected onto the presentation screen. The only break from this content will be regularly scheduled nap times where the coordinators will dim the lights and pass around blankets

“It’s a huge undertaking, really. Getting one of these nights running takes a lot of planning and effort. And every time, we know we have to do it all again next week.”

said Alexandra Smallridge while dumping a bucket of Hot Wheels onto a City Traffic Play Rug™ laid out beneath her.

“But even if it’s just for a single brief moment, we can take one student out of this cold, bitter world full of past deadlines and grade point averages, and harken them back to a happier time in their lives. It will have all been made worth it.”

In addition to the new activities, apple juice and goldfish will be returning as crowd-favorite snacks. It’s rumored that if you’re a very good attendee, you will also be allowed one bottle of full-sugar Pepsi.

Other Gainesville businesses have taken note of the success of GatorNights. Grog, with a demographic slanted noticeably young, has taken note and altered its set list to include hits such as ‘Wheels on the Bus’ and ‘Baby Shark.’