In the wake of Student Government Productions’ recent announcement of an Andy Grammer concert with Magic! slated for Nov. 20, sophomore Nicole Boyd has lost hours of sleep over what she should wear to the show.

“High-waisted shorts and a crop top?”

Inquired Boyd but quickly shook her head.

But “Honey I’m Good” sounds like a country song, maybe I should wear my boots.”

With Boyd stressing out over what genre Grammer fell into, Croc staff reminded her that opening for the singer would be the pop/reggae/rock band Magic!

“I need to go to the mall to look for new outfits,”

Boyd said, searching through the small mountain of clothes on her bed for her car keys.

Friends of Boyd said that this is nothing new, and that she should have an idea of what she’ll wear in a few days.

We missed Taylor Swift because she wasn’t sure whether she should keep her hair curly or get bangs,”

said a friend close to Boyd.

SGP representative Julian Wolfe was confused when informed of Boyd’s predicament.

“Why does it matter what she’s going to wear?”

Wolfe said.

“Just wear a tank top and some shorts and come out and enjoy a day of free music.”

Boyd scoffed and picked up her six bags from American Eagle.

A tank top and shorts? I should just wear some wear my hair up in a ponytail, too, huh?”

After shopping even more online from her laptop, Boyd finally exclaimed that she had the perfect outfit ready.

“I’ll just wear everything!”


This article made in partnership with Student Government Productions. Pretty cool people, we’re going to Starbucks together next weekend. 

This article also paid for free “Fuchs in Space” stickers for everyone. Be on the lookout this week for a chance to get them.