This UF publication did something I never would have thought of to prank students! When you see it…






When you click on this article… first you’ll cry, and then you’ll die laughing






You have never seen a prank like THIS before, but man oh MAN is it GOOD!






If you have a weak stomach, don’t look—but it sure is tempting. Best prank I have ever seen!






This magazine made one crazy joke you just HAVE to see, click on the link and be prepared.






HOLY MOLY! We don’t even know how they made a prank this good. Only ONE way to find out…






This April Fools’ prank WON the internet today, everyone else can GO HOME.






I had a HEART attack when I clicked on THIS article. This image will stay in your mind for DAYS.






How they got a prank this good is almost BAD, but we LOVE it!






Don’t look back now, once you see THIS, your life will be changed FOREVER.






Get ready, your eyes will pop out of your head when you see this. But you HAVE to look!






Click here to generate another page view and see what they did!


PS – Aren’t you glad we only do this once a year unlike other publications that do it every day? Happy April Fools.