Reports are coming in today that the Weather Channel has shuttered its services due to everyone now receiving their weather updates from any girl’s Snapchat.

The once popular service was used to determine the temperature or whether not it was going to rain. Now, students get those updates straight in their phones with the snaps of each and every girl in their contact list.

I saw it was 57 degrees, so I HAD to snap that,”

Robbin Jacobs, UF sophomore said.

“My friends have to know to dress for the cold!”

Some students, however, are upset at how difficult the temperature is to find on some snap stories.

I have to sit through all the party vids before I even see how cold it is,”

One student lamented.

“Tack on pumpkin patch pictures, and that’s over a minute of waiting.”

In addition to the current weather status, Snapchat is poised to take over even more services. Reports indicate that Snapchat is the only source for pictures of Century Tower, what’s for dinner at the sorority house, and where the poppin’ parties are.

Snapchat is having trouble replacing speedometers, however, as students only seem to go 0 mph.

I’ve actually deleted all other apps besides Snapchat and Dunkin’ Rewards,”

Stacy Modeson, UF senior told reporters.

“Even texting, it’s just quicker to snap.”

UPDATE: students are now rejecting the new service, since it quickly gets too hot and they have to change in the middle of the day.