Voter Registration Advocates Expand to Midtown Bars

Next time you go out to Mid for a night of cheap drinks and wild adventures you could be approached about registering to vote.

The group of volunteers that stand in Turlington and try to trap you into updating your address so you can vote in November have no real name. We don’t know who they work for and at this point we’re too afraid to ask. The group has recently began to take their clipboards and pens into popular bars in the Midtown area to further their cause.

“The other night I was in Grog and some random guy asked me if I was registered to vote,” said Emily Gosoute, a 4th year Nursing student, who was just trying to enjoy her Tuesday night by getting absolutely trashed after failing an exam. “At first I thought it was a cheesy pickup line but he actually had the forms with him.”

Italian Gator/Pizza By The Slice is partnering with the voter registration volunteers by offering a free slice of cheese pizza to any UF student that registers to vote without spilling beer on the form. Most of the Midtown bars are just happy to have more people in their establishments on the slower nights.

The volunteers will be louder than the music being blasted in each bar and may or may not resist the urge to buy a drink. Bar patrons are advised to prepare to be screamed at about updating basic information such as name changes as the voter registration people attempt to get their first ever completed registration in many years.

“We really think that voting is important and we want to reach the most students possible to ensure the young people vote,” said all of the voter registration volunteers simultaneously. “We actually decided to expand across University Avenue to get drinks while we work.”

Some speculate that Krishna lunch could be coming to midtown nightlife in the near future to compete with their rivals.


Voter Registration Advocates Expand to Midtown Bars

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