UF administration is making a “bold new move” in relieving one of the biggest concerns amongst students on campus.

The associate director of UF Parking Services, Mariette Brewster, unveiled the plan today to the Student Government general body to add one more parking spot to campus. Brewster claims it is “a significant and profoundly physical example of our commitment to addressing the most widely felt issue amongst enrolled students.”

Brewster then went on to state that while this addition was the first, it will also be the last for many years. Ms. Brewster explained that the school had recently received a small influx of cash from ticketing cars at exactly 7:31 a.m. on a Monday, which would only be enough for just the one new parking  expansion.

Freshman Senator Marlene Cobbs, Squirrel Party, voiced her frustration with the presentation.

“I don’t get it, after all those tickets they give out they can only add one spot?”

Cobbs said.

There is no way one additional parking spot is going to even slightly improve conditions for commuting students.”

Brewster responded to some of the complaints of the Student Government members that while the expansion may seem small, the University of Florida expects at least three students a week to be able to utilize the spot, which will pay for the spot by 2023.

Sophomore student Jacob Kellens was unaware of the news, but said he celebrated the announcement of new parking when he was told by a friend, being that he is a commuting student who struggles to find parking near his classes.

“But then they told me they were building just one spot, and I felt let down,”

Said Kellens, as he looked out of his classroom building at the four parking spaces outside.

You can imagine how that feeling multiplied when they told me the parking tickets funded the construction. I basically paid for this!”

After seeing the overwhelmingly negative reaction to the official statement, the University of Florida Parking Committee is instructing all students who commute to campus that if they  continue to struggle with finding parking they should take an RTS bus to campus two hours before their class starts.

“Or bike, or walk or something. You’ll be fine.”