With Christmas approaching, the well-known UF Plant Drop has decided to venture away from its usual cacti and fern. This month they announced they will be giving out full size Christmas trees to those who stop by. 

Many students, especially freshmen, miss home during the holiday season. UF Plant Drop hopes that these students will use the trees to feel the holiday spirit in their Gainesville homes. The trees range from 6 feet to 10 feet. Students do not get to choose what size they receive. 

Carol Smith, a freshman, is particularly excited about the Christmas trees. She said that she has been homesick, especially with the cold weather approaching. 

“I don’t really know how I’ll fit a 10-foot tree in my dorm at Broward Hall, but I’ll make it work.” 

Smith said. 

“I haven’t told my roommate about my plans for the tree yet – but I’m sure she’ll be chill with it.”

If the Christmas tree drop is a success, the founder of the UF Plant Drop said that they will continue doing it every year, and even possibly other, larger seasonal plants too – like orange trees in summer, and maple trees in fall.

“I got written up for having a scented candle in my dorm,” 

Anne Bell, a sophomore said.

 “So I think the smell of a full-size living Christmas tree would be a good substitute.” 

The plant drop will be open the whole month in its usual location, five days a week. Students are encouraged to bring dollies, large trucks, or small cranes with them to transport the trees.