This past Saturday night, the whirling sound of the SNAP helicopter cut through the midtown scene for the first time.

Startup for the snap helicopter began with complaints over SNAP’s white vans.

“Not only is there’s always like a 2 hour wait for a ride, but it’s also kind of embarassing rolling up to midtown in one,”

Said cool student Richard Fizzle.

“Big white vans are literally notorious for being trashy and literally abducting people.”

UF representative Terry Brown, said they heard the concerns from students and (as always) provided proper accommodation swiftly. Brown said the decision for a helicopter seemed like the most obvious solution to be more “hip” and “take more risks” but they had trouble finding the budget for it. 

“Sure it may have been expensive, but if we can get more students out of mid faster it must be worth it,”

Brown said.

“Plus, who knew Grog’s rooftop would be such a great landing pad?”

Riders are notified that their ride is descending down by indication of a white spotlight on their location and a Tapride notification. Students board the helicopter dressed to party then head right over  to their destination–or if they’re a little too inebriated are strapped in and taken home.

Students are incredibly supportive of the new SNAP copter with reports that wait times are down, cancelled rides have decreased in frequency, and there are less DUIs involving scooters.

Unfortunately, the trade is receiving some backlash from Shand’s staff who received what they feel is the short end of the stick in their trade.

“On behalf of the entire medical team here, these SNAP vans are absolutely useless in emergency situations,”

Said physician Sarah Trainer.

“We used to airlift people to safety but now protocol requires the person injured must have the TapRide App and request a SNAP for emergency medical attention.” 

So, whether UF student or terribly injured surrounding Gainesville resident, keep an eye in the sky and your Tapride app handy.