In an unexpected turn of events, the University of Florida has deactivated its Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even Linkedin accounts, leaving TikTok as the university’s only form of social media. 

TikTok, often referred to as “fake Vine for depressed Gen Z kids,” is known for its abundance of teenage girls flipping their hair in slow-motion for millions of views.

It has also been the sole accreditor for the emergence of VSCO girls, so, thanks for that. 

“Whereas our Instagram has boring videos of Gators chomping, our TikTok features more dynamic content: videos of Gators chomping with Mariah Carey’s “Obsessed” playing in the background,”

said an unpaid UF intern. 

Although UF’s social media platforms boast a combined following of 2 million users, they have decided to forgo it for 10,000 people who eat Tide Pods.

The average age of @uf’s following is 13 years old, and their bio simply reads, “Okay boomer.”

The university has expressed that they are exploring ways to maximize the use of the app, potentially delivering acceptance notices and even conducting class registration solely through TikTok.

“I would definitely say that moving registration over to the app would be disastrous and inconvenient, therefore, we are absolutely considering it,”

said Kent Fuchs.

When asked for comment, the UF Communications office simply said, “#vibecheck.”