After much discussion Halloween Horror Nights has decided to add one of the scariest places at UF to its list of haunted attractions: The UF Advising Waiting Room.

“The wait time to see a UF Advisor is about as long as the wait time for a house at Halloween Horror Nights, so it was only natural to combine the two.”

Said horror enthusiast and UF Art School dropout, Kevin Grimely.

The attraction will not feature any actors and will instead have the UF Advising Staff working as if nothing has changed. The realistic atmosphere has scared some of the houses’ first visitors.

“Going into that house was terrifying. I came out wondering if the major I chose three years ago was a huge mistake.”

Said Michael Adams, who has no record of ever attending a university.

“There weren’t any jump scares or anything but somehow this house is scarier than the one where Chuckie tried to eat your face.”

UF has dedicated itself to getting in the Halloween spirit this year. Students will get a discounted price of $75.00 for Halloween Horror Nights as opposed to the regular price of $79.00. The price difference will reportedly be added to UF student fees.

Many students have really enjoyed the new attraction on campus.

“Other than the infirmary during flu season this is the scariest place I’ve been at UF.”

Said Samantha Evans, who has dressed as a cat for twelve consecutive Halloween parties.

Advisors have reportedly been scaring students that come through the house by telling them they probably won’t graduate on time and they may need to take out more loans. Even some faculty who visited the house were frightened by their mentions of forced curves and summer classes.

Advisor Shirley Williams was asked about her strategy for scaring the attendants of the house, but she seemed surprisingly clueless that her job requirements had changed whatsoever in the past week.

“There’s a haunted house?”

She asked.

Due to UF Advising being added to Halloween Horror Nights, actual UF advising walk in hours are now limited to 3:30-3:37 AM.