In an unexpected turn of events, something interesting has happened in Gainesville over the summer with the landfall of a tropical storm.

Tropical Storm Colin, or as Gainesville residents are calling it, “finally something to do,” hit the city this week with rain and mild winds.

“I’ve been so bored since my roommate took the TV at the end of Spring semester,”

One UF student told reporters.

“I’m gonna have a watch party for the storm!”

The exciting change of weather has many students ditching their usual 5-hour-naps to finally partake in the social activities they’ve been deprived of all summer. Some students who went home for the summer even seem to be risking the conditions to come back to Gainesville for the activities.

“Sure, getting to call out of work early is great,”

Said telecommunications student Leslie Parkes.

“But the best part is actually that now me and my roommates actually have something to talk about when we see each other in the kitchen.”

Many students have taken advantage of the rare opportunity to post “weather selfies” on Snapchat, while others have chosen to simply text all their friends and family with updates of their wellbeing. The main concern of most students, however, seems to be the safety of their technology.

“Having this storm show up is cool and all, but it’s still Summer A and if my power goes out and I can’t watch my Friends marathon on Netflix I’m going to lose it.”

Said one student.

Tropical storm Colin is just the first weather event of the 2016 hurricane season, which is sure to provide entertainment to students all summer.

“I don’t think talking about weather will ever get old,”

Parkes said.

“At least until Fall starts.”