JACKSONVILLE/GAINESVILLE, FL – In a move that is sure to get the attention of the Nobel Prize committee, engineers at UF developed a time machine this past week in order to bring back the national-champions 2008 football team to play in the game against Georgia. To maintain the secret, the old Gators even wore the current Gators’ jerseys, with 2008 Tim Tebow wearing Treon Harris’ #3 and Coach Urban Meyer putting on a Muschamp mask.

The Gators annihilated the Bulldogs this Saturday, the final score of 38-20 being the Gators’ first win since 2010. Many were shocked at how well unranked Florida played against #11 Georgia, especially given the lackluster beginning to the Gators’ season. After the time-travelling news broke, though, many were not surprised.

 “I knew that our engineers were working on that time machine thing and were getting pretty close to it working. I mean, I would’ve used it to kill Hitler or save MLK, but I guess this was a good use of the exorbitant amounts of energy and money required,”

remarked new UF President Dr. Kent Fuchs.

Head coach Muschamp was visibly disappointed to be replaced with Urban Meyer so suddenly, and had the following to say:

“They did not tell me I could not coachy-coach until right before game. This make me sad because I like it when I can coachy-coach. At first I cried, but then I remembered I could play with my blocks.”

Nothing has been brought up as to whether or not the 2008 Gators will be used for future games. Seeing as there are only four games left in the season, they most likely will be used, however they have started to exhibit strange mutations as a result of their time travel and it is unknown if they can function for that long.


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