Number 15’s infamous prayer stance has gained media attention once again, after a poorly-timed kneel was misinterpreted as a proposal.

On Wednesday, Tim Tebow spontaneously proposed to his girlfriend, former Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, at his family’s private farm outside Jacksonville. According to People magazine, he took a romantic stroll with the South African beauty queen, and got down on one knee at sunset.

According to sources close to the quarterback, this was not a proposal, but another instance of the iconic ‘Tebowing’.

“Tim told me he was feeling overwhelmed by the blessings around him, and he felt compelled to get down on one knee and thank God,” said an anonymous source. “But it’s really awkward to tell your girlfriend that you weren’t proposing when she’s just agreed to marry you.”

Demi, who isn’t really a sports person, is likely unfamiliar with the “Tebow”, said yes immediately.

“She was so excited I didn’t even get the chance to ask the question,” said a flustered but happy Tebow. “I’m not mad at it, though. God really does work in mysterious ways.”

Tim Tebow, a pro at quick thinking, was able to seize the opportunity to marry the most beautiful woman in the universe. He pulled out the National Championship ring that he carries at all times, and gave it to his soon-to-be wife.

After recovering from the surprise proposal, Tebow called together his family to give them the good news, and to further convince Demi that he totally meant to pop the question.

The couple is planning a May ceremony at Florida Field. Sources tell us Urban Meyer will not be officiating the ceremony.