At a press conference early this morning Tim Tebow informed reporters that he had made the decision to pursue the sport that he had always felt was his true calling and try out for a cricket team.

The announcement seems to be quite a shock to many of Tebow’s fans who have always known him as a college football superstar and handsome guy on TV. However, Tebow assured the crowd that this career move was a long time coming.

“Sure, those other sports are great with all the fame and money,”

Tebow said.

“But I’ve already had a pose named after me—now it’s time for me to show America how great I am at something no one really understands or watches.”

During the conference, many members of the press expressed confusion as to when Tebow had the time to practice playing such a lengthy and intricate sport, to which America’s Sweetheart clarified that he had not yet tried to play a full 6-hour game yet, but was confident he would fit the bill in every way possible.

“How hard could the tryouts be?”

Tebow said with a shrug.

“You need me to tackle a guy? You got it. Want me to run really far? Got that too.”

Tebow did not respond to comments that cricket required neither of those skills. However, word has it that the United States Athletic Association is hastily compiling a cricket team in order to hold try-outs by the end of the week, which is when Tebow announced that he would be participating in auditions for the team.

The try-outs will be broadcast on every American television channel at 2 p.m. on Friday and experts expect him to do quite well, particularly due to the fact that he will be the only competitor.