University of Florida students are enjoying some extra free time and relaxation after syllabus week entered its third week on Monday.

The first week of classes, usually referred to as “Syllabus week,” is famous for basically being another week of vacation where professors let class out early and quizzes are worth nothing or even extra credit. This year, syllabus week has lasted slightly longer than usual and students are still enjoying being able to go on Facebook during class  and not having any of their textbooks yet.

“It’s pretty crazy, I haven’t turned in one assignment yet in any of my five classes,”

Said engineering student, Marcus Robey, 19.

I mean, I also forgot my Canvas password so I haven’t checked that, but I feel like I would know if we had stuff due.”

The length of the syllabus week this semester is most likely due to the recently cold weather which has forced everyone in the Gainesville vicinity into a Netflix-heavy hibernation, making it almost impossible to leave a bed for any occasion–including classes.

“When I woke up this morning it was cold and I didn’t feel like getting out of bed to make coffee,”

Said one journalism professor who wishes to remain anonymous.

I just decided that today the students could write their name and their favorite color on a paper or something for ‘attendance,’ they’ll never know the difference.”

Students are only hoping now that the light coursework and easy points will continue throughout next week, making the “syllabus week” into an unheard of “syllabus month,” so that they can continue to make trips to midtown on Wednesday nights and take midday naps.

Only a few skeptics exist, including sophomore Jess Roe who said that she is mildly concerned about the slow start to the semester.


“I mean, aren’t we paying for these classes?”