UF’s record for longest continuous joint study session was recently set by a collection of students who came together to prepare for the first midterm of Organic Chemistry 1, although unfortunately it did not pay off. 

A group consisting of five freshmen reportedly spent a full 36 hours together inside Library West to cram for the exam. Together they accounted for 25 Starbucks beverages, 18 consecutive D!BS on the same study room, 13 practice exams, and 1.7 hours of sleep collectively.  

“By hour 20, we all knew we were going to fail, but at that point we were in the trenches together, you can’t just abandon your war buddies.”

Said Molly Cool, who was one of the first to join the group in a sheer panic. 

“I mean sure, maybe we watched a few YouTube videos too. But everyone knows you can’t have all work and no play.” 

The emergency study meeting resulted from a panicked Groupme message, said Che Michaels, a student with a 25% attendance rate, sent out the day before the exam. Out of the entire class, the only replies were from the other four students who had also missed most of the lectures. 

The groups score on the midterm ended up being roughly 21 including the 5 point curve. The 21 out of 100 points is reportedly not the average score of the group members but all of their individual grades added together.  

“If only trauma bonding were a type of chemical bond we were tested on, because we had that down,” 

Said Paula Mers, who contributed a lone Study Edge packet to the group. 

All group members reportedly promised to “keep in touch” and said they look forward to the continuation of a beautiful life together when retaking the course with each other next semester.