Following a surprise upset against Ole Miss and sweet revenge over Mizzou, University of Florida students and fans are boarding the football hype train at record levels.

As the season has progressed, the Florida Gators have seen a massive increase in students actually interested in football.

“I love the football sport!”

One student exclaimed.

When they throw it to win? That’s the best!”

Many students have felt disconnected from football the past few years at UF, as the Gators suffered defeat after embarrassing defeat. Now that they’re on top again, however, the entire campus dynamic has changed.

Reports indicate that previously apathetic students are now wearing Will Grier jerseys and sharing articles about football on Facebook.

Students are proudly wearing Gator attire and talking positively about the coach and players. This is a stark contrast to last year, when chants of “Fire Muschamp” and “Expel Driskel” were commonplace.

We asked one new fan who her favorite three players are.

“Trayvon [sic] Harris is the best,”

Samantha Growley, a UF sophomore said.

But I also love Albert and that guy who always kicks the ball.”

As love for the University of Florida rises, some are predicting that the hype train will soon reach critical mass.

If left undefeated, students may actually start to explode from excitement, one UF professor of explosions told reporters.

Much of the victory is attributed to McElwain’s coaching strategy and level-headedness on the field. The players also had some part in the victory, or something.

As we move into next week’s match-up against LSU, everyone is hoping that we can keep the wins coming without getting too cocky.

“They really need to keep their heads in check,”

Jason Kinsley, 5th year sport management major said.

Not me though, I’m going to brag to all my friends every day.”