One UF student received an unusual injury this week after the tote bag she has been carrying her books, laptops, single earrings and granola bars in got a little too full–leaving her with a broken shoulder.

Jenny Diana, 20, said she has been carrying the Vera Bradley bag ever since she bought it at the outlets her freshman year. At first, Diara said she wasn’t going to get it since it was pretty expensive and she wasn’t sure she would get enough value out of it. But then, Diara said she realized she could just use the bag instead of a clunky, ugly backpack.

“At first it was great, I felt so much more stylish than everyone with those boring Jansport bags or hipster Herschel backpacks,”

Diara said, whose shoulder surgery will definitely cost more than the bag.

“But then I started having to see a chiropractor on the weekends and stockpile Icy Hot like I’m an Olympic athlete or something.”

Diara said that the day her shoulder broke she was just going about her day as normal, carrying her textbooks, phone charger, wallet, water bottle, notebook and leftovers from her dinner the night before. She believes the change, however, came when she was walking through Turlington and a flyerer happened to hand her an ad for an event along with a lollipop.

“I didn’t think anything of it,”

Said Daniel Cera, who was in Turlington promoting his advanced weightlifting club.

“But as soon as she dropped the candy into her purse, her entire face changed and then I heard a crack like lightning had struck.”

Cera said he and a few other bystanders managed to quickly help Diara get to the hospital and the doctors expect a full recovery. Unfortunately, the bag was lost in all the chaos. Diara said she plans to buy a “cute” backpack as soon as she’s back to school.

“And at least my right arm is super jacked now.”