A local student was caught earlier this week by fashion police after wearing his dad’s old suit to Career Fair.

John Beginsky, the hopeful new-hire, was seen by students all day on Tuesday and Wednesday in the oversized business attire.

Beginsky was apparently unaware that wearing your parents’ ill-fitting clothes is looked down upon in the business world.

“I didn’t have anything to wear, so I just asked for my dad’s suit,”

Beginsky said.

It’s only like a size or two too big. They round up for that, right?”

Experts agree that Beginsky looked diminutive as he was essentially swallowed by the businesswear. Even campus girls said that he looked “scrawny” and “totally not hot, eugh.”

John’s father, Walter Beginsky, is a District Manager at Charles Schwab and has been in the business industry since he graduated from the University of Florida suma cum laude. He gave the suit to John hoping to get him to “step up his game.”

“I love my dad and all but all I ever hear is economics this and synergy that,”

Beginsky said.

“Maybe if I get a job in his suit he’ll finally stop pretending I’m the neighbor’s kid at barbecues.”

Despite his attire, Beginsky’s efforts paid off at career showcase as he was offered a part-time position after 10 minutes of interviewing with Geico insurance.

I felt bad for the kid, he looked like a frightened bird in that giant suit.”

Said hiring employee, Nicole Roled.

“We’ll just make sure he gets his employee uniform as soon as possible.”

Reports suggest that John has already started work at Geico as a sales agent, where he is able to work behind a desk for most of the day just as his father had always dreamed. John reports that he enjoys the work because he is able to pursue his passion of blogging about plants in between phone calls.

Update: John has been promoted to regional sales manager, a position which will require him to wear a suit every day.