A University of Florida sophomore has told his peers he really plans to “buckle down” on his last two classes left of the fall semester.

Ryan Budder, 19, told a group of his peers at Library West on Tuesday that he has put his days of skipping classes and submitting assignments last-minute assignments in the past in order to get his grades up within the last week and a half of the semester.

“I know I goofed off a lot for the first ¾’s of this semester but I’m going to take things seriously now,”

Budder said from the bookstore as he looked for the texts he was assigned in September.

“I really think I can bring my low C up to a high B if I just try hard enough.”

Budder’s friends said that he made the pact after he logged onto Elearning for the first time after he had to reset his GatorLink password. Budder’s roommate, Kyle Rome, said that Budder has crafted an elaborate plan that he believes will both motivate him to do his work, and help him raise his grade by 25 percentage points.

“He came back to our room this afternoon with a cup of black coffee and a TI-83 calculator,”

Rome said.

“He said he was going to ‘get cracking,’ but I don’t think he’s taking a math class or even drinks coffee.”

However, Budder’s can-do attitude has inspired other students to follow his lead. Dozens of other students told our reporters that they too, have had wake-up calls and plan to turn their semester around just days before it comes to an end. A Facebook friend of Budder said that she saw him post in a UF class page about making a study group, which she plans to join—as well as go to her professor’s office hours for the first time.

“I really think if I can just make him see what a different person I am, he’ll totally forget that I time I asked if Abraham Lincoln was named after the car,”

she said.

In the meantime, Budder and his friends plan to get their start by getting together in the Marston library to collaboratively figure out what classes they’re in.