A University of Florida student has decided to give back to a website that has given her so much.

Fiona Seymour tweeted that she will name her first-born child “Quizlet” after the journalism major aced an online quiz with the website’s help.

“I owe Quizlet not only my life, but the namesake of another one I will later bring into this world,”

Seymour said. She paused and thought for a moment.

“Will there be a Quizlet on how to be a mother?”

Seymour has borrowed an answer or two previously from Quizlet, but this quiz in particular had snuck up on her.

“I was sick for most of the week, and then had to tailgate all day Saturday,”

Seymour said.

“I remembered the quiz only when my friend asked me if I had taken it yet.”

Unwilling to read fifteen pages in the short span of five hours, Seymour was out of options. She googled the course and found the entire quiz on Quizlet.

“When I opened the Quizlet, I realized I had no way to tell if these answers were correct,”

Seymour said.

“I thought, ‘I really hope this gets me a good grade.’”

Seymour said she hit submit and agonized for the seconds it took for her grade to load. She was overcome with joy when she saw that she had (kind of) earned a 100 percent.

“I was so happy, I instantly let my Twitter followers know my gratitude,”

Seymour said.

“Boy or girl, little Quizlet will always have a special story to tell.”