After surviving an unforgiving winter, University of Florida freshman Ryan Fox realized it was time to change up his wardrobe.

Five days ago, when winter began, Fox realized that he would need to adapt to the change in weather to survive. He headed to the bookstore and bought a black Gator hoodie at a bargain price of $450.

“I couldn’t believe my luck,”

Fox said.

“You’d think with such harsh conditions out that they would be completely sold out!”

But, when Fox woke up Thursday morning, his snapchat filter read “71 degrees.” He pumped his fist against his chest and pointed to the sky.

“I thank my guardian angel for guiding me through that armageddon of cold,”

Fox remembered thinking.

“My sweater was a great investment. What should do with it now?”

Too warm out to wear it, Fox’s sweater sat on the top of his desk chair all day and all night. When Fox woke Friday morning, he made a decision.

“The only smart play was to throw it out,”

Fox said.

“Winter is over, and I don’t want people to think I’m a hoarder.”

With winter over, Fox scurried to the bookstore once more, hoping to find a decent tank top before they were all bought up out of necessity. Thankfully, there was a sale, and Fox scored two tanks for $65, one orange and one blue.

“That winter will go down in history as one of the toughest, but I came out on top,”

Fox said.

“When I’m an old man, I’ll tell my grandchildren about the sweater that got me through it. Maybe I should’ve passed it onto them instead of throwing it away!”