Around 10 p.m. Saturday night, a UF student reported that he was suddenly looking forward to the Gator basketball season.

Ryan Robbins, 19, started showing interest to his roommates when he asked how much season tickets were, and was pleasantly shocked when they told him he didn’t have to pay anything at all.

“I’ve never seen Ryan interested in basketball except for that time we played HORSE once at our apartment’s rundown court,”

Said Robbins’ roommate Jeff Star.

“And once we told him tickets were free he started talking about how excited he was to see Patric Young play in person—I didn’t want to burst his bubble.”

Robbins reportedly has already bought a vintage Gators basketball jersey off of Ebay, and is planning a watch party for what he calls the World Hoops with a few friends who also seem to have recently become interested in the second most popular sport at UF.

“This is going to be the best year for Gator basketball, I can just tell,”

Robbins said, as he appeared to tear some kind of sports poster off his wall.

“The Gators definitely won’t let me down on the courts.”

The Gators basketball team has suddenly seen an increase in support of the student body, seemingly overnight. UF Sports Analyst says this is not unusual, and seems to happen around this time every year since 2008.

“Usually it’s basketball or soccer that becomes more popular, but one year it was actually women’s softball!”

said analyst Joe Tackler.

Tackler said all students are welcome to join them at the basketball games and cheer the team onto victory, as long as they promise not to move onto another sport if we lose a game.