Gainesville has turned dark and gloomy today as campus awaits downpours, winds and even hail or tornados. But despite the mild dangers of going outside, some students have still managed to find the sunny side.

Alexa Fenders, 18, told reporters that she could have skipped her lecture today, but decided to come to campus anyway to show off her brand new $200 rain boots.

“When I got into UF everyone told me about Rainesville and that I would need to be prepared for these wet days getting to class,”

Fenders said, who matched the polka dot boots to her umbrella this morning.

“But I haven’t even gotten to wear them once this semester. So what better time to put them to use than in a potential tornado?”

Fenders classmates seem to agree with her sentiment. Eyewitnesses have spotted an almost 20x increase in students of all ages and majors sporting their rain gear. One sophomore, Jamie Lewis, said the scene on campus wasn’t exactly what he was expecting with such inclement weather.

“I thought campus would be dead, since students skip class for way dumber reasons than literal natural disasters,”

Lewis said, who only came to campus because his professor still believes in the power of a pop quiz.

“But instead it was like a fashion show of weird weather wear, I even saw a few guys in those plastic ponchos from SeaWorld.”

Although the true storm hasn’t made an appearance yet, students seem pretty confident that they will be well prepared when/if it does. At least, Fenders said she hopes she is with how much of her financial aid she spent on those boots. Next she said she just hopes she can find a use for her $1,500 wetsuit she bought on a whim in the Bahamas.