At 11:11am yesterday on 11/11, one UF student had a special wish; to rid themselves of their crippling student debt. Marjory Baxter, the student who made the wish, happened to be walking through Turlington when she noticed that the time was 11:09 and she had to get ready quickly.

She practiced how she would say the wish as she walked through the crosswalk. That’s when she was hit by the RTS 46 bus. Baxter recalls laying on the pavement in pain:

“I knew I had to make the wish or it would never come true. As people crowded around me, I just kept whispering ‘please loans, go away.’”

Baxter was rushed to nearby Shands, where she remains in critical condition. Doctors have told us that she may not regain use of her legs and that she may have ‘a really weird and off-putting twitch’ for the rest of her life.

The good news is that Baxter was recently contacted by FedLoan services, saying that all of her documents were destroyed in a freak accident and she is now absolved of all debts.

Baxter reached out to us from the hospital and told us things are looking up.

“I’m so relieved all of my student debts are gone! If only I could find a way to pay the $100,000 bill that Shands just gave me.”