A University of Florida student is undergoing an existential crisis after becoming completely lost while DJing his own version of an EDM song.

After being appointed the official DJ for a ‘Sangria and S’mores” event, Brad Miller reportedly became ecstatic over the assigned task of arranging a “bangin’ playlist” for the week’s celebration.

“I know we’re just supposed to play Remix to Ignition and Miss New Booty or whatever,”

Miller said, who shaved one side of his head in preparation for the night.

“But I really put my soul into this. I even chose one song that hasn’t been on the Top 40 in, like, a year.”

On the night of the event, Miller was wearing oversized headphones not plugged into anything, and reportedly borrowed at least three his friends’ laptops for display, although a source close to Miller reveals only one was used during the performance.

Throughout the night, Miller was said to have been a hit with his sporadic airhorn noises and head nodding. However, Brad’s friends have exhibited concern over his actions since his performance. He is said to have started attending classes regularly, and even refused going to midtown this past week.

“He’s just not the bro I was bros with anymore,”

Said a worried Zach Jernigan.

When our reporters spoke to Brad, he seemed dazed and confused. He was found under a blanket in his dorm hugging a Camelbak water bottle and humming in tune to his EDM mix.

“It was just so lit, there were such good vibes,”

Brad said.

“My life’s calling is to drop the bass.”

After much consideration, Brad has chosen to continue his bachelor’s degree in construction management. After telling his academic advisor his only previous music experience was playing the recorder in the 5th grade, he was convinced to not switch his major to music.