A source at the University of Florida has announced that one 3rd-year student has managed to take advantage of the extra hour saved by Daylight Savings Time in a particularly useful way.

David Carole, 21, reportedly told his friends and family Sunday morning that he had a variety of ways he planned to use his newly found time. Carole told his peers that he had visions of waking up early, taking up a sport, or even learning to bake. However, the activity Carole was most excited for was having more time to avoid doing his actual homework.

“I mean, now that I have an extra hour in my day I can spend more time sleeping or doing actually fun stuff instead of school stuff,”

Carole said from the hammock he had newly installed in his living room.

“I’ll just push my studying from 10 p.m. to 11, that’s how this whole thing works right?”

Carole’s friends said that they weren’t entirely sure if the marketing major knew that the clocks only turned back an hour, and didn’t actually make a day 25 hours long, but didn’t want to crush Carole’s hopes.

“I was pretty excited for Daylight Savings Time too, getting to feel like you slept in and all,”

Said Carole’s girlfriend, Sarah Llewyn.

“But Dave actually kind of raises a good point. Now I get to sleep for 10 hours AND turn in my assignments an hour before they’re due, it’s like the best of both worlds!”

In the meantime, professors at the university are urging students like Carole to use their spare time to catch up on reading or assignments instead of reruns of Family Guy, however some have divulged that they too are looking forward to an extra hour to avoid reading students emails.

UPDATE: after realizing it got dark out at around 4:37 p.m., Carole has set all his clocks forward one hour and subsequently missed 16 assignments in the past 2 days.