One University Florida student’s week ended on a high note when he finally learned the name of his classmate after almost four weeks of using generic nicknames to refer to his new friend.

John Hudson first hit it off with his classmate Mike Townsend based on their common interests of basketball, video games, and their mutual admiration of the Squirrel Party.

‘I thought I was going to have to keep mumbling different names every lecture,”

Hudson said.

“I was just hoping one day he would finally respond to one of them, but he never did.”

John’s luck turned one day after lecture when the two were walking out of class, as just before the friends said their goodbyes, someone across the way screamed “Yo, Mike!” causing Townsend to quickly turn and look for who called his name.

“I knew it started with an M, but when he introduced himself I was eating a super crunchy granola bar and didn’t really catch it all,”

said John, who was visibly relieved by the newfound revelation.

“I just hope Mike never noticed that I was grasping at straws those first couple weeks. There’s only so many times you can use “bro” to grab a guy’s attention!”

Rachel Scroft, another student taking Intro to Art History, saw the situation unfold from the first class. Scroft said she remembered Townsend’s name after thinking he was cute the first day of class and looking him up on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, but decided it would be more entertaining to leave Hudson hanging.

“I knew he didn’t know my name and that he was too scared to just man up and ask me again.”

Said Townsend when asked to comment on the situation.

“It’s pretty obvious that the guy you sit next to three times a week doesn’t know your name when he only calls you bro, dude, man, and some other random names like Nick and Paul.”

As of press time, Hudson was trying to figure out the name of the cute-but-sort-of-weird girl that sits three rows behind him.