A UF student has reportedly informed friends and family of his overwhelming excitement to be taking a position at a part-time job instead of having to take summer classes.

Bobby Whilmer, a 20-year-old history major, told a group of classmates last week that he was “so pumped” to be taking a job as a cashier at a local grocery store instead of having to enroll in the summer classes that so many of his peers had already signed up for.

“I really don’t think my gig could get much better,”

Whilmer said, proudly wearing his apron and company mandated baseball hat.

“Sure, I might have to mop a few floors now and then – but at least I don’t have any homework.”

Despite Whilmer’s enthusiasm, many of his acquaintances seem less impressed by his choice to work for minimum wage instead of staying on campus. Some have even reported that they think his cheery demeanor may be an act after seeing him looking “totally bummed” behind the cash register.

“I’m pretty sure he’s just embarrassed that he failed English 3,”

Said Bobby’s friend and classmate Marissa Kurt.

“I mean, I guess making money is cool but no one should be that excited to clean toilets.”

Whilmer seems to have stuck by his disdain of summer courses and continues to enlighten others with how “super cool” it is to be working an entry level position rather than staying on campus. While most of his friend group says they no longer see him as often because of his long hours, a few have said they think they have seen him getting coffee on campus or tanning by the Florida Pool.

“It’s not that I miss school or anything,”

Whilmer said

“Sometimes I just gotta remind myself where I came from.”

UPDATE: Whilmer’s cousin reported that he has taken an additional job working nights at a 24 hour Target.