Sorority Girl Decides Which Sticker to Put On Hydroflask

Amber Collins is facing a monumental decision that will affect her for many semesters to come. She sits contemplating the choice, glancing between her two options, and begins to sweat. Before her are a new Delta Zeta sticker and a Vineyard Vines sticker. This decision will make or break the aesthetic of her aqua blue Hydroflask.

“The Vineyard Vines one goes so well with the blue, but the DZ one just, like, screams sisterhood, ya feel?” Collins explains. “I just hope I’m able to make the right decision. This is a really big deal to me.”

What’s more important? Sisterhood or aesthetic? Amber’s choice is not only an important style decision, but a glance into her personality and values. If her water bottle doesn’t reflect who she is as a person, she would rather not have one at all.

This is Collins’ most challenging decisions since the laptop sticker debacle of 2017, when she had to figure out where to place her UF calligraphy sticker on her Macbook. In such troubling times, Amber will looks to her sorority sisters for wisdom and guidance.

“I trust in Amber to figure it out. She usually makes the right decision. Except with Brad. God, she was an idiot. But uh yeah, she’s got this!” offers sorority sister Jessica.

Though the decision isn’t pressing, Collins know she may be missing out on compliments as she considers her options. She’s convinced that people are staring at her bare Hydroflask every time she goes out. Whenever possible, she tucks it out of sight.

The weight of Amber’s indecision follows her everywhere she goes, but she refuses to settle for anything less than perfection. One day she will muster up all of her courage, remove the paper backing, and create the most beautiful Hydroflask of all.

Sorority Girl Decides Which Sticker to Put On Hydroflask

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