Much to the excitement of every “caffeine addict” and girl whose shirt says “but first, coffee” it was recently announced that UF would be unveiling its seventh Starbucks in a new and exciting location.

The new Starbucks, planned to be placed on the top of Century Tower, hopes to bring back the excitement that was lost over the unimpressive results of the Reitz Starbucks remodel. Jim Kotts, head construction manager, believes that students will be overjoyed by one more chance to snag a coffee before class.

“People that may not want to hassle with crossing the street to Marston can now just pop up to the one in the Tower. 

Kotts said, adding that he is also curious how interested students will be once they learn that they will be a great view, albeit through the one tiny window that sits at the top of the tower.

“I think, speaking literally, it elevates this Starbucks over others.”

Many, however, have voiced concerns over the practicality of visiting the store in a rushed manner, which Katie Gramison, student athlete, believes is the only way to get Starbucks.

“I’m never, like, not in a hurry to get my Warm Iced Mocha Half-pump Skim Milk Frap, and I really don’t feel safe sending a Snapchat to my friends if I step too far and fall off.”

Said Gramison, in between sips of that exact order. Other students, such as senior Brandon Wilkes, consider this an added bonus to his day.

“I’m cool with it as long as they add an elevator, because that climb up would be killer.”

Said Wilkes. The climb up would be killer indeed, as the Tower holds 194 steps to the top. When asked about plans to replace the steps with something more efficient, Kotts shrugged.

“We haven’t really thought about that. Or how hard the bell might reverberate off the walls throughout the day. It’s definitely a work in progress.”