In a shocking turn of events, one graduating senior has finally made a last-minute decision that she will be wearing all white to her graduation.

Sophia Creum, 21, made the announcement to her close friends on Friday afternoon, with her graduation ceremony just the next day.

“I know I have been debating what I’ll wear for the past, well, semester,”

Creum said.

“But it came to me in a revelation—I’ll wear white! I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before.”

It is unknown whether Creum was aware of the fact that 98% of her peers will also be wearing white to the commencement (for some reason that remains a mystery to this day). However, her friends and family are just relieved she has made a decision.

“I had no idea how many life-changing decisions were going to come with graduation,”

Said Creum’s mom, who is the financial supporter of her daughter’s decision.

“I thought the main one would be what job she gets, not how to decorate a cap or whether to wear wedges or sandals.”

However, Creum has assured that every single detail of her graduation is essential to making her future a success. From her French tip pedicure and the six honor cords she will be wearing that she doesn’t know the significance of, Creum wants everything to be perfect.

“I’m going to be up on that jumbotron for at least five seconds, so what I wear is very important,”

Creum said.

“And of course I want to make all 27 of my guests proud.”

With graduation upon us now for the next few days, Creum and all of her graduating peers are getting down to the wire for all of their plans to be perfected. Now it is just up to the 21 year old to decide whether to blow a kiss or gator chomp in her moments of fame.