One fewer Gator will be receiving their diploma during this spring’s graduation ceremony after a student made one tragic mistake this past week.

Jennifer McMahey, a senior English major, was all set to walk across the stage this May, pursue her dreams of living in her parents’ home in Jacksonville and work on her memoirs. However, she forgot to complete one crucial part of the graduation process.

“I honestly can’t believe I didn’t do the most obvious and important part of being a graduating senior at UF,” McMahey said.

Everyone knows if you don’t take a picture with the Bull Gator you might as well just throw your degree in the trash.”

McMahey realized her mistake after her application to graduate was rejected. Her adviser pointed out although she had met the minimum requirement of at least ten photos of herself ambiguously leaning against brick walls, the iconic school statue was missing from her announcement shots — a case for immediate dismissal.

In addition to the almost-college-graduate’s dismay, McMahey’s mother was just as, if not more, upset by the news.

“I just don’t know what Jenny was thinking,” Marsha McMahey, Jennifer McMahey’s mother, said. “Sure, we’re proud of her for graduating and all, but I wanted my daughter to get something out of this school. Lord knows it’s not going to come from ‘small class sizes.’”

That picture was our best shot,”

her mother said.

Although Jennifer McMahey did undeniably make what seem like an unforgivable oversight, all hope is not lost. After countless letters, phone calls and a heartfelt sonnet delivered to UF officials showing her regret and desire to make things right, the university offered McMahey another chance to graduate if she meets the upgraded requirements.

All I have to do is get them the picture, retake Good Life, and wait for them to finish building the Reitz Union,”

McMahey said. “I really can’t believe how generous they’re being. Go class of 2045!”