Two freshman roommates moved into their dorm last week with visions of putting their interior design skills to the test to transform their 12 x 22 foot room, but have reportedly already trashed their ambitious plans.

Marisa Alvarez and Zoey Perker moved into Tolbert Hall less than a week ago with a fully-fledged plan to color coordinate, deck out their walls and monogram pretty much all of their belongings. However, those dreams have been dashed within just 4 and a half days of move-in.

“We had been planning every detail of this stupid room for the past month over Messenger,”

Alvarez said, whose room at home still had a hot pink Bratz doll theme from her elementary school renovations.

“We were pretty sure we were gonna get featured on HGTV, or at least one of those College Goalz Facebook pages.”

The two 18-year-olds said that they had even chosen one another on RoomSync after each picked “super clean freak” and “I want my pad to slay” as qualities on their profile questionnaire. Perker said at first there was some tension when they were trying to pick a theme, but eventually settled on “60’s/watercolor/Paris/gold/turquoise.”

“It wasn’t that we didn’t think it through, because we even requested official blueprints for the building to make sure all our measurements would be accurate,”

Perker said.

“It was just that we quickly realized it was kind of hard to make friends when you’re stapling 7 feet of paper lanterns to the wall, and tough to sleep when you have to throw half a dozen decorative pillows on the floor.”

Alvarez said that at the moment their room décor currently consists of one corkboard, one Eiffel tower poster, and 7 tubs filled with custom ordered decorations that they have yet to figure out what to do with.

“On the bright side, maybe we can make some of our money back – since I’m just now realizing spending $600 on a gold plated desk lamp may not have been the best idea.”