GAINESVILLE, FL – The 157-foot building in the center of campus known as Century Tower is still where it was at the end of spring semester, according to early reports from returning students. The Tower, believed by many to just be part of a phase the school was going through, was found to be still standing awkwardly next to Turlington Plaza at the beginning of the Fall Semester.

Despite being believed to be temporary, Century Tower was a useful landmark for many students on the UF campus.

I was happy it was still there. I always used it to figure out which way is North,”

said Damian Hernandez, a third-year Politcal Science major.

A popular aspect of the Tower was the way it would play bell music at seemingly random times. On many occasions, students noticed that these ringings would line up with the changing of the hour. “One time it played the theme from ‘Legend of Zelda,’” said Marc Abbott, a second-year mechanical engineering major and huge nerd.

Even Chief Historian for the UF Historic Campus Society, Glenda Friedman, seemed to be confused about the nature of Century Tower. “Century Tower was actually built in 1953 as a celebration of the school’s hundredth anniversary. It’s still a working carillon played every fifteen minutes.”*

*The research team at The Crocodile could not verify any of Ms. Friedman’s quote as facts, nor could it find out what the hell a carillon is.