In a statement earlier today, the Reitz Union Board announced the completion of their long- awaited monument entitled “Construction.” They commissioned the piece last year from graduating Art and Architecture student Monica Ortez, who used it as her final project for both degrees.

Ortez addressed confusion concerning her masterpiece in an exclusive interview with the Crocodile. Up to this point, developments at the site were simply preparation of the monument, which was accomplished in cooperation with actual construction workers and machinery. Now that the installation is complete, it will feature functional sculptures of equipment operated by performance artists for the rest of time.

Reception has been mixed about the art installation, with some students and faculty stating that it’s an eyesore and should actually turn into a building at some point. Despite negative views of the project, most detractors admitted that deep in their hearts they knew construction was here to stay.

Constantly having to plan new routes to class because of construction is a comforting distraction from the regular troubles of being a student,”

Gordon Levitz, Reitz Union spokesperson, told reporters.

“Plus we like to laugh at everyone who has to walk the long way around just to get some Pollo.”

Students, faculty, and visitors are encouraged to engage with the installation by meditating on its uplifting meaning as they walk the long way around the centrally located Reitz after forgetting that “Construction” is now an eternal fixture of their campus.