Visiting fans from the University of Mississippi have reported today that they will be bringing enough confederate flags to the upcoming game to share with everyone in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

Representatives from Ole Miss shared their plan on Friday morning to bring an excess supply of their favorite symbol to give to every football fan.

We know everyone thinks the exact same way we do,”

Hugh Freeze, Ole Miss head coach told reporters.

“Our fans will be waving them high and we don’t want Florida fans missing out.”

The controversial symbols that define southern states like Mississippi are being met with disdain by UF students.

“I don’t want that stupid flag,”

UF Sophomore Timothy Jacobs said.

I just want to chant ‘go back, you suck’ again.”

The rowdy away fans have  been streaming into Gainesville all week in jacked-up pickup trucks while shouting loudly out of their windows and revving their engines.

The Ole Miss fans are also confident that their combination of racism and alcohol won’t cause any problems this weekend.

Their mascot, Colonel Sanders, will apparently be riding into town on horseback and handing out the flags to small children in a parade style setting.

“It’s just so great to see everyone come together to support freedom,”

One Ole Miss fan said as he hugged his hot cousin a little too tightly.

This is one for ‘Merica, all right.”

Despite the controversy surrounding the flags, many UF students are focused on keeping our undefeated record. After a narrow and unexpected win against Tenneseee, students are prepared for the worst.

The good news is that despite a win or loss, all of the Ole Miss fans will leave by Sunday and Florida will return to it’s controversy-free and politically correct self.