Students have become increasingly concerned about health and safety as coronavirus cases continue to rise in Alachua County. After months of speculation and uncertainty, UF has released an official statement about education during the Spring 2021 semester.

“We are continuing to adjust our plans as the situation develops,”

UF announced.

“But for now, we can confirm that we expect PaCE classes to remain fully online in the Spring semester.”

PaCE classes have been online throughout the duration of the pandemic, and even before the initial coronavirus outbreak, in what is now being praised as a brilliant precautionary move on UF’s part.

“Student money remains UF’s highest priority. I meant safety. Student safety, not money,”

Said UF Spokesperson Richard Davis.

“I mean we also value money, schools need funding, I love money, but obviously we care about safety more. Can we try this interview one more time?”

UF has confirmed plans for a necessary increase in distance learning fees. These charges are intended to accommodate the unavoidable costs of sustaining the PaCE program through this difficult online transition. The tuition increase will fund salary bonuses, personal holidays, administrative fun money, President Fuch’s mortgage, and another campus Chick-Fil-A.

This year, the issue of in-person and online courses has been nothing short of controversial amongst students. As such, there have been mixed reactions to UF’s recent announcement.

“This sucks,”

Said marine biology junior Valentina Garcia-Nunes.

This announcement has come as a shock to many, but others are not so surprised.

“UF announcements are great at saying nothing of importance with a lot of words,”

Said journalism sophomore and PaCE student Brenda Tyler.

The Crocodile asked Tyler how she expected PaCe remaining online to affect her Spring semester.

“It won’t,”

Said Tyler.

Students such as Tyler have plans that depend heavily on what direction UF decides to take moving forward. Many are still left speculating and uncertain about the future. Since the initial announcement, UF has been under pressure by both students and staff to further elaborate on their plans for Spring.

UF recently issued a statement in response: “No comment. But, the UF Online program will be moving forward with a digital spring semester.”