Since I can remember, the Reitz Union has put up a wall between us. I sensed it immediately, and knew that it must’ve needed rebuilding. It had been used before, so much to the point that it could no longer function until internal repairs were made. I understand that.

Then, after a long time of seeing each other, a miracle occurred: the barrier between us came down. At last, I thought, the Reitz Union was ready to let me in, to experience it, to build memories with it. I got so close to it, eager to give it my all — until I realized that it still wasn’t ready for me. The whole thing was a ruse, a game the Reitz Union was playing on me. Why does this seem so familiar?


When I met her, she had been hurt before. I sat patiently from a distance waiting for her to let me in. Just when I thought she was ready for me to love her, she postponed our relationship for another month.

Now the Reitz Union is doing the same thing.

Is this what I deserve? A constant longing for something that will always be just out of my reach? There’s so many possibilities for the Reitz and I, a future perhaps, a lifetime I can spend exploring its soul.

All I need is for it to let me in.

I understand that you’re not ready, Reitz. I understand that you’re insecure and that there are a few minor quirks that need reconstructing. Sometimes in life, however, we need to take a risk. A leap of faith. A chance.

Reitz Union, will you open your doors. You should let me love you, Reitz. Let me be the one to give you everything you want and need. Let me in, already.