It’s time for a change. We’ve all been waiting for it — putting up with this nonsense and dreaming of a day when everything will change. Well today is that day. It’s time for a change. THE change. For decades on decades, we’ve put up with this, and it needs to stop now.

The University of Florida leads by example, and we will send the message loud and clear for those who stand in our way: We will put up with this no longer.

As students of this university, we have the responsibility to stand up and have our voices heard. Our needs deserve to be met, because the legacy of our university, and our nation, are at stake.

In thirty years’ time, will your children have to deal with this? Will you be the sorry parent who has to explain to them that this is still a problem? And worst of all, that you could’ve stopped it? Or will you be a part of the generation that finally brings this to an end? Because, ya know what?

I know I will.

This is our generation’s greatest task — it’s the singular issue that we will be remembered for eradicating.

Throughout the entirety of Earth’s 2,018-year history, this has been so commonplace. This EVIL has been living among us.

And what did we do? As a species? Nothing. But, NO LONGER. Because our generation is here, and we are the true proponents of change.

The longer we wait, the worse damage we are doing. The more time that passes is more time that is lost — lost to the dark age of history in which we put up with this. Time that we will never have back. So let’s do this now, rather than wait. Let’s put the wheels in motion.

Get involved: make your signs and learn your slogans! Sign the petition! Prepare for resistance! Just get the word out to all that can hear you: THIS NEEDS TO END AND NOW IS THE TIME!

Because make no mistake; there is no better time than this.