Coming off of last Saturday’s convincing win against NCAA juggernaut San Jose State, Auburn University’s defensive coordinator Will Muschamp felt as if he’d earned another opportunity to act as the head coach for the Florida Gators.

Tacking on yet another victory on top of an already dominating performance against Jacksonville State, it didn’t take much for Muschamp to begin regaining his confidence. When he saw that the Gators had a 5-0 start to the season, he knew exactly what he wanted to do.

A 35-21 win? Against San Jose State?

Dang right I’m still qualified to coach the Gators, and from what I hear, they really miss me down there in Gainesville,” Coach Muschamp flaunted.

In what seemed like the only sensible decision, Muschamp scheduled a one-on-one meeting with new Florida head coach Jim McElwain to discuss the opportunity to coach in the upcoming game against Missouri.

Despite the tension in the room, Crocodile insider reports claim that Muschamp was calm and professional throughout the entire meeting.

“Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase Jim. Let me coach this one. Just this once. Pleaaase! I won’t let you or the Gator Nation down. I promise!” Muschamp begged.

Although already planning to start the entire Florida softball team against Mizzou, Coach McElwain reluctantly agreed.

I mean, with hair like his, it’s hard not to say yes to the guy,”

McElwain said.

“He had a few bad breaks in his time here, sure, but at the end of the day, he coaches like a true Muschampion at heart.”

In what ought to be a competitive game, it’s hard to tell who will emerge victorious, and even Vegas is having trouble pinning down a solid prediction.

As soon as the news broke that Muschamp would act as head coach against Mizzou, the odds shifted from Florida winning by 7 to losing by 32.