In an unprecedented move, University of Florida football coach Jim McElwain has announced that in order to give his #11-ranked Gators a rest, he will play the University of Florida’s softball team in their place.

My job is to put a winning team on the field,”

McElwain told reporters in a press conference. “It just so happens that this weekend in particular, this other winning team will do the job just fine.”

McElwain, already deemed a demigod after walloping Ole Miss last weekend, has the long term goal of a national championship in mind. He knows that instead of risking injury to his star players, he can start nine girls and still earn a victory against Missouri.

The softball team, hot off their second consecutive NCAA National Championship, were reluctant on playing football when first approached but have since warmed up to it.

Sammantha Price, who starts at first base, admitted she felt reservations at her first practice and didn’t try too much. Alicia Carter, a star at second base, said she wouldn’t mind getting a feel of the sport. Heather Bowen, who spends most of her time at third base, was much more amiable.

“I’m going to take this challenge head-on,” Bowen said.

Not everyone is as eager as Bowen for the softball team to play this weekend. Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel isn’t sure how to prepare his football team for Saturday’s match-up.

Am I supposed to tell them to hit girls?”

Pinkel said. “Almost makes you wish that you coached FSU, those guys already have plenty of experience.”

With the announcement of the swap, Vegas casinos have the softball team listed as a 20 point favorite over the Tigers. But in the end, winning isn’t everything — completely embarrassing the other team counts for something, too!