GAINESVILLE, FL – Despite what sources are currently calling an “operations malfunction” at Saturday’s presentation of country singer Luke Bryan’s “Farm Tour,” 21-year old UF student Kyle Avery stated at press time that he “really had a great time” and “wasn’t upset for too long about the fact that Luke Bryan came out and performed his music for an hour and a half.”

Coming as a surprise to most concert attendees, who waited patiently all day at Whitehurst Cattle Company to get into the venue for decent seating, Luke Bryan burst onstage at about 7:00 PM and unleashed a barrage of his pop-country hits, including “That’s My Kind of Night,” “Crash My Party,” and “Play It Again.” After an hour and a half of what can only be called technical fiasco, the blunder seemed to cease for five minutes as Bryan walked backstage, only to resurface as he returned in noticeably different garb to perform the hit song “Country Girl (Shake It For Me).”

“At first, I was a little confused, like, who was this guy? Why was he out on stage playing these songs? But I eventually got over it and ended up having a ball anyway,”

Avery told reporters. Bryan’s promotion company as well as Whitehurst Cattle Company immediately played frantic damage control as the operational error persisted, sending hundreds of employees into the audience to pass out earplugs as Bryan continued to perform such chart-topping smashes as “Drunk on You” and “I Don’t Want This Night To End.”

“A few people were pretty upset about it, but I think that in the end, everybody there understood that Luke Bryan playing his music up there was a total accident and that the people who run these things are only human. Sometimes you just have to make the best of it,”

Avery told reporters as he wrapped up at press time. As of yet, it is still not confirmed whether or not concertgoers will be compensated for the debacle.