Ever since the departure of the true hero of Tim Tebow, students haven’t been waiting for the second coming of a truly game-changing quarterback.

He has come.

Luke Del Rio, the once skeptically-viewed Gators QB, has ascended into greatness following a complete masacre of the Kentucky Wildcats.

“That connect will Calloway in the 1st quarter? Angelical.”

A drunk student from row 25 told reporters.

“That kind of success… Only comes once in an undergrad degree.”

Other sources have confirmed that the spirit of Tebow (originally passed down from God-Spurrier himself) has now occupied the body Luke Del Rio.

“I saw him in Midtown and he was emitting an otherworldly glow,”

A patron of Grog House said.

“I swear he was just like Tebow just without the baseball.”

Students have been awaiting the second coming of Tim Tebow ever since he won the Heisman in 2007. That year, a significant amount of middle school student became determined to attend UF to be a part of the magic.

That time has come.

“I was a junior when I watched us lose the SEC Championship from row 2,”

A current senior said, whose last hope for happiness was the current football season.

“To see a completed pass end in touchdown? Absolute bliss.”

Students have already devoted a chant to the new found savior of Florida Football, despite having one more syllable than his his predecessor.