A visit to the Leaning Tower of Pisa has been replaced with eating pizza in bed at 4 a.m. Living amongst animals on a safari has been changed to playing “Animal Crossing” until your eyes burn from staring at the screen. Due to coronavirus cancelling summer study abroad experiences, students are learning to adjust to their new schedules.

“I was going to learn scuba diving in Thailand, rehabilitate abused elephants and find myself through a meditation retreat,” 

Linguistics junior Leyla Rossi said.

“But I guess watching ‘Wheel of Fortune’ reruns with my mom is cool too.”

Creative students say they have found ways to recreate an authentic study abroad experience, despite being trapped in a bedroom that still has a middle school Justin Bieber shrine in it.

“I wanted to go clubbing in Spain, instead every night I chug five White Claws and play Just Dance on my old Wii,”

Advertising sophomore Natalia Burns said. 

“I used to spend my weekends and a majority of weekdays partying until I lost a shoe at Mid. But I’m an innovator, so last week I duct taped heating pads to myself to simulate the warmth of being surrounded by a sea of bodies.”

Students are also nervous for the Fall semester, as they were planning to base their entire personality around bragging about their summer spent abroad. Many have been hosting Zoom funerals for their nullified social media clout. 

“My study abroad was going to be a volunteering trip, because I’m a good person,”

Nursing junior Ashley Cook told The Crocodile. 

“I was so excited to post on TikTok about it, too.”

Students also now have the free time for introspection and to reflect on life, primarily reflecting on how much better life would be if they were studying abroad right now. Rossi said the change could actually be a good thing, in time.

“My 7 p.m. sobbing session has really kept me on a strict routine!”