Samantha Mason, age 16, recently spent Valentine’s Day alone at her house in Ocala. The high school junior, whose boyfriend is now a freshman at UF reportedly stayed in and watched Netflix while eating some Ben and Jerry’s that she had bought herself for the occasion. When asked about her experience, this is what she had to say:

“It didn’t really bother me that Brad didn’t get a chance to come visit me. I mean, he has to study and everything. All those business classes are probably really difficult.”

Samantha did note that on the bright side, she finally got to see the last season of Breaking Bad. “I never really liked big dates anyway,” Samantha added, “It’s not something I think about that much. My boyfriend doing something special for me like driving all the way back to Ocala just to see me for a day or maybe sending some flowers is nice, but I don’t really need him to. That stuff just doesn’t matter because he loves me. Check out this text.” Samantha then proceeded to pull out her phone to show us a message from Brad.

“ily babe,”

it read.

We tracked down Brad and found him studying at a frat party the night of Valentine’s Day along with two girls who were helping him with his homework. When asked about Samantha, however, he quickly changed the subject back to his studies. Crocodile reporters were amazed that he was so devoted to learning.

Brad soon left with the girls and went to his room so they could study more comfortably, but he remarked that he would be thinking about Samantha that night.

Score! Two birds with one stone.
Score! Two birds with one stone.