After four rigorous years of coursework and countless applications, senior John Baker accomploished his lifelong dream: an unpaid internship.

“This is the best—I’m literally going to make no money,”

he said.

“I’ve waited my whole life for this moment, I thought this day would never come.” 

Baker attributes his success to a variety of factors stating that he believed being a part of the Honors College was probably the one thing that really gave him the most advantage over his competitors

Baker would not elaborate on what those qualities were. 

Many students go through college fearing they will be unable to work for free once they graduate. For Baker, that pressure is gone. 

“It feels like a huge weight off my shoulders. Going to career showcase every year for four years has enabled me to be at the top of my game.”

Baker said. 

The internship is located in Fort Lauderdale and guarantees that all interns will maybe get a job. No housing accommodations are provided, but interns are encouraged to claim squatters rights. Squatters rights are available on a rolling basis.

“The interns will learn solid entrepreneurial skills that could allow them to open their own business one day,”

 said Harold Grey, head of the intern department at Wright Inc. 

“Maybe a Starbucks or something, they really have a knack for making coffee.”