Spring has officially arrived and Spring Fashion is in full force on UF’s campus this spring. One of the most stylish items this season is the ‘I Broke My Leg Walking Boot’ by Ann Taylor.

UF Sophomore Sally Fahn really likes how the boot matches her eyes. She also wears it for another reason.

Underneath the fashion forward grey boot lies what can only be described as an Amazon Rain Forest of leg hair.

“I can’t remember if it started with me trying to support feminism or just being too lazy to buy a new razor.”

Said Fahn, who wears the boot on her left leg because boots on both legs made it difficult to dance.

When Fahn first started wearing the boot, she realized it wasn’t necessary to shave her ankles or toes anymore. Then that mentality slowly progressed all the way to her knee, and eventually the whole leg.

Instead of buying hedge clippers Fahn has decided to embrace the new her.

“I’ll probably keep it for a Disney themed Halloween costume, my right leg can be Beauty and my left leg can be the Beast.”

Said Fahn, who is used to pulling off couples costumes all by herself.

“I’ve saved so much money on razors it’s great, but I have to buy twice as much shampoo.”

Some people aren’t too happy about the boot becoming a big fashion trend.

“All the boots are sold out and I actually have a broken leg. I guess I’ll just put some bubble wrap and  student published newspapers around it.”

Said Felipe Fernandez, who got the injury by taking intramural soccer a bit too seriously.

As of press time, over 1/3 of the girl population was wearing boots, but also jeans, so we could not verify if the accessories were used to avoid shaving or were actually for injury.